North Clarewood Farm

Location: Matfen, Northumberland
Client: Matfen Estates Office
Architect: Nicholson Nairn Architects
Main Contractor: N/A
Scope: Structural Engineering Design
Contract Value: £750k

This project has transformed an existing 2-storey property from a derelict agricultural outbuilding into a new residential development of two separate dwellings.

The existing building comprises a stone-built barn with partially demolished rear extension, and a partly demolished Ging-Gang.

The scheme included the demolition and rebuild of the rear extension, provision of a new roof on new timber king-post trusses and a new first floor level throughout the existing building, as well as the construction of a new Ging-Gang to provide near 360° views from a new Living Room.

The development provides a new 2-bedroom dwelling, alongside a new 4-bedroom property, thus providing an excellent mix of residential stock.

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