Jasper Kerr Consulting

Zone 30 Extension & Miscellaneous Works

Location: Cramlington, Northumberland
Client: Merck Sharp & Dohme
Architect: GWP Architecture
Main Contractor: TBC
Scope: Civil & Structural Engineering Design & Advice
Contract Value: £15 million

In 2017 Jasper Kerr provided structural engineering advice and design on a number of isolated schemes, most notably the design and detailing of all bases and foundations for a new cooling tower plus designed and detailed steelwork and foundations to the associated pipebridges.

In 2018, Jasper Kerr have provided designs for works within the cooling tower, a new chamber access platform, moveable screen supports in Zone 10 & Zone 16, additional secondary support to equipment in the Tablet Inspection Room, and load capacity checks on the external lighting columns.

More recently, we have been involved in a major scheme to provide a steel framed extension to Zone 30 to provide additional space and enable the installation of 2no. new, more modern packaging lines alongside the existing (that will be relocated within the zone). Modifications to other areas such as Zone 13, the existing waste storage area, and Zone 17, as well as a new external car park will form an enabling works package for the main extension.

Careful sequencing is critical to the success of the scheme with all construction works due to take place whilst the pharmaceutical areas remain fully operational. This has required extensive collaborative working with the wider design team so far, and when combined with site surveys has proved to be working well.

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