Andy Cornwall

Andy has worked in the Construction industry for 13 years following a successful final year of study at Czech Tech University in Prague as part of the ERASMUS exchange programme

Whilst working at a multi-national consultancy prior to joining Jasper Kerr, Andy worked his way from Graduate Engineer to Senior Engineer and gained valuable experience across all major sectors.

Following the departure of Steve and Mark to form Jasper Kerr in early 2017, Andy assumed the role of Project Director on his projects, a number of which included multi-disciplinary delivery, and was responsible for technical delivery on these until leaving to join Jasper Kerr in January 2018.

Andy has worked on a variety of projects in his career, ranging from minor refurbishments and remodels to large major multi-storey developments. Andy is grateful for the opportunity to work on local projects, and the sense of pride that comes from seeing these projects change the landscape that he lives and works in.

Andy enjoys being a volunteer mentor for Newcastle University’s Civil Engineering course. He is an avid sports fan and is keen to get his two young sons into sport, that is just as long as they don’t become better than him!

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